CAS Goals – A Simulation

Non-Competitive Sports offered by Coach Davis



The Athletics department is offering a range of possibilities for developing Activity and Service projects. This semester we are offering the Circus Club. You will learn basics and perform for an audience.

You will initiate and create a project of your own taste and liking, with elements of healthy lifestyle, challenge and dexterity.

Activity Description

I will go to circus club once a week for 1 hour. I will create a project based upon me learning a new circus skill. I will then perform my new skill in front of an audience.


CAS Planning Interview Questions (23, 24, 25 October 2015)

Part 1 – General Understanding

  • Which aspect of the program are you most excited about?
  • Which aspect of the program challenges you the most?
  • What do you want to achieve from CAS?
  • What have you learnt about the CAS stages?
  • How will you ensure ongoing experiences? What are your strategies?

Part 2 – Self-Profile and Design

  • What are your interests and how can you incorporate them into the program?
  • What do you enjoy doing? How could this be related to CAS?
  • How can you advance your interests and skills in the program?
  • How could something you do currently (for example, a sport) be made into a CAS experience with new opportunities, challenges or the extension of your skills?
  • What issues of global significance concern you the most? How could you address these in your program?

Part 3 – Learning Outcomes

  • How will your goals in CAS address the different learning outcomes?
  • How can you summarize the learning outcomes in your own words?
  • Which ones seem like a challenge for you?

Part 4 – Reflection as a Habit

  • What are your plans for ongoing reflection? When will you update your portfolio?
  • What evidence could you collect to make your portfolio more enjoyable for you and others?
  • How do you like to reflect?