What are the requirements?

Completion of the CAS program is a pre-requisite for every St. John’s student for getting an IB diploma. To successfully complete the CAS program, you need to meet the following six requirements:

  1. Regular, habitual participation

It is expected that you spend 3-4 hours a week (on average) with your CAS engagements.

2. Balanced portfolio

You are expected to create a balance between the three “strands” of creativity, activity and service. A balanced portfolio means that the time spent on a single strand does not exceed 40% of your whole program. As a rule of thumb, you should aim for each experience to last at least 3 months. You should also leave some time unplanned for spontaneous opportunities that come up (a hike, a favour, a creative idea).

3. An 18 month-long program

The program lasts 18 months. In other words, you cannot finish earlier. The overall goal is to develop your own habits of engagement and implement leadership in your own life.

4. CAS project (IBDP graduating 2017 and on)

At least one (and at most three) of your experiences must meet the criteria for a project. The criteria are the following:

  • Collaboration with peers or others in the wider community
  • A series of sequential experiences (e.g. several visits, info-sessions, workshops for kids etc.)
  • Explicitly using the CAS stages as a planning and reflection tool (see page 23)
  • A minimum of one month from planning to completion
  • CAS project form submitted at the beginning to the adviser

5. The Online Portfolio

Your Managebac (MB) portfolio is the basis of evaluating your program. It is the public profile of your program and the actions you are taking.

In other words, it’s the touch base between the advisers, the coordinator, the IBO and you. You are expected to do the house-keeping regularly. We especially place an emphasis on properly setting up a CAS experience. We also expect you to use video, digital photography, and other creative evidence in the portfolio. You are allowed to work on paper if that gives you wings, however, later on the essential aspects must be scanned and uploaded.

6. Learning Outcomes and IB Learner Profile Attributes

Your portfolio on Managebac needs to meet the St. John’s International School criteria for goal setting (specific and positive, measurable, time-bound goals). This is taught in our IB Core CAS classses. Your goals must connect to up to three learning outcomes. Your reflections are expected to show a connection between your goals, learning outcomes and the St. John’s learner profile. The way to do this is not something we expect at the outset, we will explicitly train you to become able to do this.

In a shorter form, here are the requirements at a glance: