Checking what is (not) CAS

The only reliable way of deciding whether your idea is suitable for CAS, is to check it against the criteria.

What fits C, A and S?

The five main criteria to decide if an activity or project works for CAS are:

  1. Does it match the definitions of Creativity, Activity, Service?
    (Watch our video for these definitions, or look them up here!)
  2. Do you want to do them out of keen personal interest?
    Do you want to do them because you want to extend or deepen a skill?
    Do you want to do them because you see an opportunity for growth?
  3. Does it avoid any overlap with any of your Diploma Requirements?
  4. Does it develop you in the areas of the IB learner profile?
  5. Would you gladly commit to do it on a Saturday?

Five times YES! means you have a good activity to consider for CAS!


What is not CAS?

CAS is not a points-scoring exercise. Generally, CAS is not taking place when the student is in a passive rather than an active role. There should be interaction.

Examples of inappropriate activities are listed below:

 Any class, activity or project that is already part of the student’s Diploma Program course.

 An activity for which a student is personally rewarded either financially or with some other benefit (unless this benefit is passed on in full to a worthy cause).

 Doing simple, tedious and repetitive work, like returning school library books to the shelves.

 Working in an old people’s or children’s home when the student:

  •  has no idea of how the home operates
  •  is just making sandwiches
  •  has no contact at all with the old people or children
  •  actually does no service for other people

 A passive pursuit, such as a visit to a museum, the theatre, art exhibition, concert or sports event, unless it

  • clearly inspires work in a related activity in which a student is already engaged.

 Work experience that only benefits the students.

 Fund-raising with no clearly defined end in sight.

 All forms of duty in the family.