define: creativity

Creativity  C-creativity

Exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive
product or performance

Creativity in CAS provides students with the opportunity to explore their own sense of original thinking and expression. Creativity will come from the student’s talents, interests, passions, emotional responses, and imagination; the form of expression is limitless. This may include visual and performing arts, digital design, writing, film, culinary arts, crafts and composition. Students are encouraged to engage in creative endeavours that move them beyond the familiar, broadening their scope from conventional to unconventional thinking.

Creativity can be:

  • Ongoing creativity, as a part of a club or school group
  • School-based creativity, as a part of a timetabled activity (dance, film clubs)
  • Community-based creativity, for example, students could be encouraged to join a community-based theatre group, contribute towards a community art gallery, create a sculpture for the community park, take cooking classes, or other opportunities
  • Individual creativity, where a student engages in solitary creativity experiences such as composing music, developing a website, writing a compilation of short fiction stories, designing furniture, creating arts and crafts, or painting a series of portraits. Such projects must be  under the supervision of a qualified supervisor approved by the CAS coordinator and CAS adviser.