define: activity

Activity  A-activity

Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle

The aim of the “Activity” strand is to promote lifelong healthy habits related to physical well-being. Pursuits may include individual and team sports, aerobic exercise, dance, outdoor recreation, fitness training, and any other form of physical exertion that purposefully contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Students are encouraged to participate at an appropriate level and on a regular basis to provide a genuine challenge and benefit.

Activity can be:

  • Ongoing activity, as a part of a club or school group
  • School-based activity, as a part of a timetabled sports session (lifetime sports)
  • Community-based activity, for example, rather than a single activity experience at a community-based fun run, students could be encouraged to join a community-based running club, a dance class, an aerobics class or an out-of-school sports group
  • Individual activity, where a student engages in solitary activity experiences such as, for example, attending a gym, bicycling, roller-skating, swimming, or strength conditioning. Such activity experiences are of most benefit when they take place over an extended duration of time. Such projects must be under the supervision of a qualified supervisor approved by the CAS coordinator and CAS adviser.