Alexandra’s (Gr11)reflection on the workshop shows the power of the 30-second takeaway refelction – written right after the event, her thoughts have made it to the school’s blog. Thank you for sharing!

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wp_20161001_021On a previous blog, we discussed our Student Leadership Workshop and how we aim to equip our students with various skills for their brighter future. A few days after the Leadership workshop concluded, we spoke to one of the students who attended to get her perspective on the discussion and gain an insight on her learnings.

This is an edited version of an 11th grade student, Alexandra’s, experience and thoughts:  Over this past weekend, I attended the Student Leadership Workshop. This workshop was all about improving your leadership skills and learning how to successfully lead a group. This workshop was tremendously helpful for me as I have learned many new things about what it means to be a leader. To start off with, I never knew that there was much of a difference between a leader and a boss. Thanks to the workshop, I got a greater understanding…

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