Goal Setting Steps

By replying to the questions in the box, you can be sure to set an achievable goal.


  • My goal for this year is to be prepared and ready to sit and pass my B2 exam in Greek in the spring of 2017, by having studied and practiced regularly with my tutor after school. This is important for me because of my cultural identity. The attributes I want to develop are knowledgeable and open-minded. The learning outcome I will focus on is challenge and skill, as well as commitment and perseverance.
What specifically do I want to learn to do? Name the skill!

In which situations will you be able to practice this skill/behaviour?

Why am I going for this? Is your goal interesting for you?

How will you know you achieved your goal?

While attempting to reach your goal, what will you create for others?

Can you measure your goal in some way?  How many of ……… will you have ………… to reach the goal?

(e.g. workout sessions done, visits done, activities organized, books read, paintings painted, videos made etc.)

Which learner profile attribute does this experience connect to?

Which learning outcome does your goal connect to?